Friday, 13 January 2012

Getting old?

I went dancing last night at the Salsa Foundation and think I became old.

The two young, petite, female instructors were wearing very short shorts. One of these tiny Asian women had her shorts so short the pockets peeked out at the bottom and her top covered the shorts at the back. To complete the ensemble she had some funky high-heeled dance shoes on. (These women were tiny, I looked like a giant in comparison.)

The other lass had on what looked like black underpants! Seriously. She also had on a top that covered her shorts and some sort of sports bra/crop top situation. I know this as when she was practicing for one of the classes with the male instructor she straddled his leg then did a backwards dip, then some groovy gyrating with her hips and her top flared up. She was also wearing high heeled boots.

I looked around at the class and decided that I didn't want to straddle any of the men's legs. So I didn't do that class. 

I hadn't realized the dress code for this place or I might have got my Bikram yoga shorts and crop top out and teamed them with my high heel dance shoes. Actually, no one else was dressed like the instructors, they were the funkiest of the lot. 

Anyway, it occurred  I might be getting older when on seeing the instructors' outfits I was a wee bit shocked. Did their mothers know they had gone out in those shorts? Maybe they were off to work at one of the "Gentleman's Clubs" down in King St later? 

The male instructor on the other hand was one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen. I had previously not thought it possible for a man to be masculine and beautiful at the same time.

So while the dance class was fun I don't think I want to learn to gyrate that much; I'll try somewhere else next week.


  1. Your'e sure you don't want to re-think that class and straddle the guy? ;)

  2. i did salsa for a good while, and while you can do quite a lot of it without feeling too intimate (its not tango afterall) it does get a bit more touchy as you go along. As a irish person its part of my culture to not be comfortable with touching at all. Anyway one day when we had to do this move where you were back to back (or bum to bum) with your partner (and we rotated partners throughout the class) and kind of grind down to the floor and back up. Most of us just tried to do this move without any body contact (my large bum was not an asset here) and then one of the other girls (not irish) in the class burst out with 'agh I don't like the touching' and we all cracked up because we were all thinking it.

    I think the instructors generally show off these kinds of 'sexy' moves but as a class participant you actually spend most of your time trying not to fall over!

  3. I realized I was getting old when the music was TOO LOUD.
    And I could barely stay awake past 10pm
    And I get a back ache from changing the sheets on the bed.


    I Heart Red Shoes

  4. NQ- no, despite the fact that he was most beautiful he was also very young and not really "blokey" enough for me. . .
    Dr Aunty! Good to hear from you! Yeah, some of the moves they show you no one dances socially! Have recently found a place where a lot of people do cuban salsa, that's cool. Oh, and I did a bacchata with a guy: now that's just snuggling up to someone! It was fun!
    Patti: I know. The music is always too loud! I go to these bars on the weekend and have to have a couple of drinks so I can cope. . and I totally relate to the not staying away past 10pm. Salsa's good coz if I'm moving then I will stay awake past 10pm.

  5. I envy anyone who can do any kind of dance at all. I would love to be able to do some ballroom dancing, but I just fall off my shoes too often to even try. Good luck finding a better spot to dance!

  6. Goodness, I have been trying to comment on this post for ages, and it never lets my comment go through! I'm bound and determined to post this, though, even if it has been a while since it happened:

    In December, I went to a group exercise class with some friends. I showed up in workout shorts and a tank top, figuring that would be normal attire. I was the most covered up person there! Everyone was wearing booty shorts so tight and short I'd swear they were only wearing underwear. I felt so out of place! Who wears such things??

  7. Folly, sorry! I had so much trouble with Wordpress I had to come back to blogger. I have been blissfully ignorant of anyone having trouble since.

    Oh, I know who exercises like that! I mean, at Bikram, it is the norm because you sweat so much, the boys don't even wear tops, but other places? Eww!

    Cathy- you really really oughta try some ballroom stuff; it is just divine.