Monday, 24 October 2011


Well colour me disheartened. My friend and I planned a big night out on the town on Saturday night, got dressed up, had some drinks, researched where to go and . . .yep, better not stop the on-line dating thing just yet.

We had such high hopes. We didn't expect to meet the loves of our lives, we just wanted to meet people, mingle, chat, or at the very least observe. Despite researching as well as we could where we should go we were not successful and have concluded that Melbourne on a Saturday night is for 20 year olds. We had a list of bars elicited from friends on FB but they were all so young. A couple of bars seemed to be mainly female too, and we were fairly certain they weren’t gay bars either. There was an awful lot of frilly pink d├ęcor happening here at Madame Brussels- that’s probably what put the men off.

We walked and walked to get to bars, had some cocktails, were ready to enjoy ourselves but just couldn’t find the right place to be. As we’d set our sights on bars - and there must be about 300 in Melbourne - we didn’t even get any dancing done. 

We were sick of it early enough to call it quits and catch the last train home. Lovely - with all the young things, and their Maccas, and the three rough looking lads playing their metal-something music very loud. For obvious reasons no one was game to ask them to turn it down. Including us bossy teacher-types.

Plan B involves maybe going to Richmond instead or Brunswick St, or trying the drinks-after-works-crowd. Wish us luck because Plan C is to continue with the highly unsuccessful on-line dating.


  1. Bummer :( I'm no help in the bar suggestion department, but I do find that increasing alcohol intake makes them more bearable...

  2. AMy, I"m a bad blogger. . . haven't commented back, sorry. Yeah, somehow our enthusiasm for alcohol even diminished. . . thing we might be trying again soon. We've been told better places to go. Apparently "no one" goes out on a Saturday night anymore, so it'll be Friday night.
    Ah well, we live and learn.