Sunday, 2 October 2011


Her eyes widened in disbelief at the scene in front of her:  two figures in the bed, her bed. She gasped incredulously, “Stephen?” One was her husband, the other she did not know.

“What, what are you doing?” she floundered. Later the thought struck her that was a particularly stupid thing to ask. It was quite obvious what they were doing.

What she meant more accurately was: What are you doing to us? To our marriage? To our trust? To my trust? And why would you do it in our bed?

The nausea that had sent her home welled up.

Another Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge. Brought to you this week by the prompt: widened.

Stella x


  1. oooohhh...the cheating spouse...but it sounds like the other party isn't a woman. Ohhhh...that's a kick in the teeth.

    And the nausea, is there more to it? Just the flu or perhaps a new life flourishing?

    very well done

  2. Carrie picked up on - and said - the same I would.

    this is well done. Brava

  3. Would serve them right if she puked all over both of them.

  4. Thanks Ladies,
    Yeah I liked the nausea touch. Wasn't particularly going for another bloke but it was there anyway. . . I haven't read everyone else's yet so I'm hoping I haven't gone with the obvious and am just replicating (less well) what others have written. There's always some amazing responses.

  5. Very creative! So many things are left to the reader's imagination. Nicely done!

  6. Ha, I loved Tara's comment and can't top it.

  7. Subtle "her bed" instead of "their bed" kept me in suspense and tightened the impact of the last two words.

    Good job, Robin