Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Drinking and cooking

Have been running hither and nither dancing, rowing, drinking and boogying (as distinct from dancing) and even OKCupid-ing. Yes, yes, I know I said no more internet dating but hell, I'm still single. And while it is mainly OK (being single that is) I met this very cute couple on the train recently who met on OKCupid and convinced me to give it a go. 

So I am.

In the meantime a friend has put me onto My Drunk Kitchen. I have taken an instant like to it as I don't go into my kitchen very often. (The best thing about my kitchen is the bin which is concealed, looking for all the world like just another cupboard, and slides out to reveal two containers: one for rubbish, one for recycling. So cool.)  Allow me to elaborate on the joys of cooking:
  • Toast for me is a version of cooking. 
  • My favourite type of cooking involves using only one pot. 
  • I never, ever watch cooking shows.
  • I'd rather go on a diet than shop for groceries.
  • If I'm busy I can avoid 'preparing' anything to eat and snack on things like almonds, one slice of cheese, a piece of bread etc. (I'm not gourmet anything.)
  • Cheese and vegemite on toast is a handy combination that can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • It doesn't matter what ingredients the recipe calls for, I usually don't have half of them. Or they have mould growing on them.
  • Arnotts has already created the ultimate food: Caramel TimTams

I particularly like this Drunk Kitchen episode: it sums up every thing I don't like about baking: 
  • Reading the recipe
  • Having a rolling pin 
  • Finding a teaspoon to measure the flour
  • Melting butter
  • Reading the really long recipe. . . . 
  • blah, blah, blah

I like the part/s where she drinks cider. . . 

When my mother-in-law stayed with us she was horrified. I had NO rolling pin and NO dishes for baking. 

She then proceeded to make scones or pikelets EVERY SINGLE DAY. FYI I never particularly cared for scones or pikelets in the first place. After three months of staring at scones or pikelets heaped up on a plate on the counter every day and hearing her say: "Well, someone's got to eat them." 

I now HATE scones and pikelets. I'd rather eat liver. Or brussel sprouts. (Just sayin'.)


  1. What's the point of being a bachelor if you can't enjoy the perks?

  2. I hear you! And I loved 'My drunk kitchen'. Cheers.

  3. You *mention* you're doing OkCupid and say nothing more??! Sheesh! ;)

    Re Cooking: I think I've said this before, but I generally don't spend more time preparing food than it takes to eat it! Special occasions are different of course. I *can* cook (And I own a rolling pin!) but on a day to day basis, I heat, do a 5 minute stir fry, or eat things cold or at room temperature. My standbys are cheese and crackers or rice cakes, fruit, lettuce (often in whole leaves and eaten like a carrot!), frozen broccoli nuked for a 4 minutes with parmesan, yogurt, oatmeal, and canned beans. 90% organic, so none of it is junk food, but it's not very exciting.

    Re "Well someone's got to eat them!" - I have two people in my life like that. I've had more in the past. STOP COOKING!!!!"No" means NO! "No thank you" also means no! It doesn't mean if you leave it out repeatedly, I'll eventually eat it! Grrrrrr!

  4. NQ Meh- nothing untoward has happened yet if you don't count the fact that I lied outrageously about my age and put up a suggestive photo of my naked legs in very short shorts and very high heels.
    Gawd- what on earth is wrong with me? Thought I'd just do it as a bit of fun. I mean, it can't be worse than the other site where men felt it was OK to tell me all sorts of crap about myself. . .
    Will do an OKCupid update at some point. . . in the meantime will keep using My Drunk Kitchen as my favourite reality/cooking tv show and take notes. . .

    Kyknoord- I'm allllllll about the advantages. All!

    Fraudy- Do you think the VIT would kick us out of the profession if we started: My Drunk Classroom? Think of how fun it'd be!

    1. LOL! "My Drunk Classroom!" - Now THAT I might watch! :D

  5. Mmmm, we just had Brussels sprouts last night. My 38-year-old brother watched my husband eating a bowlful of them and looked about as green as those sprouts. I'm a putterer in the kitchen, too lazy to be much more. Haven't ever tried cooking in an inebriated state, but it sounds rather enticing...