Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A change of heart, and muscles

I have become a rowing tragic; I have signed up for the Winter Sculling Series. This consists of six sculling events, in a boat by yourself, over the month of July. My aim will be to row in a straight line, not to get caught in any of the garbage traps (they're a hazard, honestly) and not to row into anyone else.

It'd also be nice if I could keep warm. I almost lost the proverbials (you'll have to fill in the blanks) at the regatta. My teeth were chattering and I'm surprised I still need to wear a bra. (There, I've made it easy for you.) To this end I've gone out and bought thermals. 

The upside of rowing is that I'm developing some awesome muscles. I'm really impressing. . .well, myself, actually. I'm sure everyone is sick of me talking about it but it really is an unseemly waste that I am single right now because I look better than I did in my 20s. (Not that I can remember that far back.) An extra bonus is that I can eat anything I damn well please and not worry about it. OK, so this overlooks the fact that I always eat anything I damn well please and not worry about it, but still . . . it's a bonus. Now I just have to  make a bigger effort because I'm hungry more often. I also have this huge "buzz" for a couple of days after rowing. 

Despite my awesome new muscles, I absolutely no longer care that I am single. Or more correctly: I no longer care about finding a man. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. I'm enjoying rowing, working (somewhat), and going out with friends drinking and dancing; so much so that the other day I realized that I'm just enjoying my life and don't care that I'm single, in fact, I'm enjoying the fact that I am single and can blithely ignore anyone else's expectations of me. 

How did this happen? I wish it had happened sooner. I'm no longer doing on-line dating. Yes, I realise that you've heard that before but it's been a couple of weeks now and I don't even have the desire to go and look. I'm not that interested in continuing to go along to the social Friday night drinkies group and chat to the men, I'd much rather hang out with my friends and dance.

Now if I can just sort my working life out everything would be super groovy, baby.

Stella x


  1. Ohhhhhhh! I just read this! I realize it could all be moot NOW ;) but I'm happy you were feeling this content! I hope it sticks for a long long time.

    So... they make thermal bras now? ;)

    1. NQ- ooh, thermal bras. That could be an idea! Although I obviously need the thermals they wear in Antarctica because I'm still not warm enough!

      Oh, and did you notice I removed the need to verify that your human when commenting? Just for you. :-)