Thursday, 7 June 2012

On being a nerd

Despite being incredibly hot n' sassy, recent events have confirmed my long held belief that I am a nerd.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, after all, someone has to do it. Plus I believe Big Bang Theory is lending nerds some kind of It's-sort-of-OK-To-Be-A-Nerd-Aura.

I was recently on an excursion in which several schools participated. I had wandered outside to sit in the sun at lunchtime. My students were busy chatting to other students. Of the opposite sex. I knew enough not to go and sit with them so I found an empty table and sat down there. 

I was soon joined by two others; they were senior students from another school. They had the kind of poise and self assurance I did not have in my final year of school. They proceeded to chat with me quite pleasantly, apparently showing a genuine interest in where I taught, what subjects I taught etc. 

I was enjoying this little interlude until the moment when "I like your uniform" came out of my mouth, apparently before I could engage my brain. Damn. Such a nerdy teacher thing to say. In my defence it was quite a nice winter uniform. You'll just have to believe me on that one.

I was also likewise chuffed when an ex student stopped to give me a hug the other day. 

And finally, I raved to the Principal today about the quality of some of the work that I am marking. And how enjoyable it is marking it. (Yes, I am being paid to do this marking but still . . . .)

Again in my defence this Year 10 student (probably 16 years old) had written a sophisticated university level thesis - I'd be proud of the piece of work if I had written it myself. Actually I'd be surprised if I had written it myself.

Now I think about it there is more evidence. When out dancing on Saturday night I recognized a guy I had danced with a month previously. He was such a good dancer I was secretly hoping he'd be there again this time and ask me to dance. S-o-o-o encouraged by my friend to say hello I wandered over and told him I remembered dancing with him last time. 

My friend didn't tell me to be a nerd, she encouraged me to say hello. I managed to be a nerd all by myself. I mean, "I remember dancing with you last time" is hardly the best opening line I've ever heard. 

His friend then also proceeded to be less than socially graceful as he mocked me by saying, "Gee, it must've been a memorable dance then! Haw, haw."

He didn't actually say "haw haw" I just threw that in there to get some of my own mocking back.

It's a good job I've taken up rowing as I believe this redeems some of my nerdiness.  See Exhibit One below, my very first regatta. We called ourselves Operation River Storm.

That's me at the end, in the bow of the boat. (See how good I am with the terminology?)
Actually, no I don't believe the rowing does redeem me. I was at the library today; I have lost my library card. I discovered I know my library membership number by heart. Sigh. But that's only because I've been logging on electronically to download free ebooks to my ipad. (That reason doesn't help, does it?)

Stella x


  1. Doesn't help. No ;)

    Cute picture!

    PS: Have you ever considered getting rid of the impossible word verification thing? I have comment moderation on, no word verification, and I get maybe 2 spam a month. I think Google is secretly TRYING to get us to stop using word verification by making it harder and harder to read :P

    1. NQ- I know. But it's OK, am gonna embrace the nerdy- but muscular me- and to hell with the rest of them.

  2. Enjoyed your blog. Hard to keep up with my reading as I swan around France. Thanks for all your comments on my blog, btw. Cheers!

  3. You are doing an awesome job of even updating your blog, so thanks for keeping up with mine. Enjoy that Europe vacation!
    Stella x