Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ask Yahoo: absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder

Oh no.

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, or read anyone else’s blog that Yahoo has blocked me from checking my emails because I cannot remember my password.


Fortunately I could remember and access my blog and my google password so all is not lost even if Yahoo has gone all security on me.

The problem appears to be that I am logging on from a device they do not recognize.

Hogswash. I am logging on from the same old faithful iMac I've been using for the last four or five years. (Yeah, if I get more work I just might upgrade.)

So, I eventually remembered my password successfully but then they wanted me to correctly enter the security numbers.

Managed that OK since I'm not a robot or spam or anything. 

But then I got the security answer wrong.

Apparently I am impersonating me and don’t know the name of my favourite uncle.

This is perplexing as I only had one uncle. . . 

So then they blocked me for 24 hours. 

Plan B - I went back and asked them to send me a new password to another account. 

I only hope that I can remember how to get into that account as I never, ever use it. To remain anonymous I have not linked my blog or associated emails to my regular email account. Otherwise somehow they figure out you're the same person and all of a sudden - especially if you are on Facebook,  which I'm not - everything is linked and any anonymity is just blown right out of the water.

(How very Big Brother of them.)

Yes, indeed, I have been thwarted by my own cleverness.

Stella The Anonymous xx


  1. I'm all for security, but sometimes they do go a bit overboard. It's like when you put something you don't want to lose in a safe place so it doesn't get lost and then you forget where the safe place was...and then you remember where the safe place was but there's a slobbering ogre standing in front of it and you have to chant the magic word three times and spin in a circle while patting yourself on the head with your right hand (NOT your left!) and then maybe, just maybe, you can have that thing you put up on top of the refrigerator so it wouldn't get lost.

    (PS--I should never comment when I'm half-asleep.)

  2. With you on the big brother thing. Hate that :P