Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ten Indicators That You’ve Finally Hit Old

  1. The glamorous waitressing job you picked up over the holidays gives you RSI in your arm/elbow.
  2. Rowing aggravates the RSI in your arm. (Well der.)
  3.  Yoga is seriously bad for RSI in your arm. (Probably shouldn’t be doing a powerflow class.)
  4.  Yoga gives you a funky knee. (Kinda feels like the kneecap is in the wrong place.)
  5.  Six weeks later you still have RSI and a funky knee. (You assumed it’d all get better with time, because it always has. Besides, you got the glamorous waitressing job coz money was tight and so you don’t bother to go to the doctor when you probably should.)
  6.  Your hip and QL starts to play up, aching at all times of the day for no good reason.
  7.  You end up visiting the osteopath because nothing else gives you relief. Not even Deep Heat.
  8.  You go back to the osteopath because you’re still not getting relief. And you’re sick of smelling of Deep Heat.
  9.  You wake during the night due to the ache in your hip – surely it’s not time for a hip replacement yet – and end up sprawled on the floor for 20 minutes with your leg in front of you bent at the knee at right angles while you try to lean into pigeon pose and release that darn hip.
  10.  You realize your QL is probably so sore because you are not exercising at all due to the strained elbow, sore knee, achey QL, and heels that feel bruised  (you think that’s down to your orthotics.)
  11.  You turn into a big whingey broken ol’ thing and pessimistically wonder what you’ll injure if you go to a Spin class. You go anyway. 
(Not being able to count to ten is a big give away too.)

Stella x


  1. Hope that's fixed itself. Very frustrating when you're an active person - which you are.

    Sucky even if you're a slug too, though.

    Pain just sucks.

    1. NQ- well, finally have a fully functioning arm again! Yay! I had it strapped for ages and would only row once a week, but now I am back to twice.
      I plan to go to yoga one day soon!!!
      Osteo recently "cracked" my spine- not literally - that helped. Oh and had my pelvis x-rayed- see how exciting my life is? - i have one leg longer than the other.
      Huh, a gimp on top of everything else. . . .