Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Believe it or not. . .

I have been sitting on the couch flipping through the TV channels and scanning the TV guide for something to watch, in vain. I have also been feeling pathetic that I am doing this and not something more interesting like yoga (which I was scheduled to do with a friend but I am sick) or the Ballet Classes for Adults that I have signed up for - I just can't wait - but right now I am sick and need to stay near the tissue box. 

So, I muse about things I just cannot believe:
  • That there is a show on TV called Auction Hunters.  That they've actually made a show about men who make a living buying other people's abandoned storage units.  And they show this on TV. (Maybe I’m more incredulous than unbelieving.)
  • I just saw the credits. Now I also can't believe that there was an "original concept" involved in the making of this program.
  • That there are men who consider buying other people's storage units a career. Seriously.
  • That the majority of programs on TV are reality shows - to do with cooking. Master chef, My Kitchen Rules, The Great Australian Bake Off etc. 
  • Also can’t believe I was wrong: the majority of reality shows are not to do with cooking after all. Look at these reality TV shows - The Biggest Loser, The Block, The Block Skyhigh, Embarrassing Bodies, Cops, Judge Judy, Fear Factor, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Pimp My Ride, Supernanny, Celebrity Apprentice, Highway Patrol, Motorway Patrol, Hoarding: Buried Alive, Swamp People, Auction Kings, Operation Repo and so on.
  • Also, I cannot believe the number of cooking shows on TV, even if they're not reality shows: Huey's Kitchen, Ready, Steady, Cook, Good Chef Bad Chef, Everyday Gourmet with Justine Scholfield, (and they're all on ONE channel), Poh's Kitchen – or are they reality shows? I’m confused now.
Anyway, you get the picture.  But so who cares? Well if they were any good then I'd be watching them . . . not scouring the TV guide and writing about them.

That's all.

Oh, and while I was still sort of watching TV . . . also that Americans call pizza "pie". Why? I know we have really dumb names for things but surely it's either a pie or a pizza. Decide already!
And finally, despite selecting all the text AND changing the font about ten times so it is consistent throughout this posting. . . it WON'T do it. 

Stella x

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