Saturday, 21 April 2012

The beautiful people. And me.

I have been kvetching to a friend about my life, which is pathetic because it’s actually a pretty good life. Being a good friend she’s gone: oy vey. . . and understood.

One of my kvetching is about yoga. Having done awesome Sivananda yoga in Bali I’ve come home and Bikram, sadly, is no longer going to cut it. So I stopped whining about not having a yoga studio to go to and dropped in on a new class this afternoon. (I had to drive 45 minutes to get there as most yoga studios are apparently in the inner city, not that I'm complaining about that at all.)

It was good, very good. Until we got to handstands.

I cannot do handstands. (I told you I wasn’t sporty.)

The gorgeous girl beside me could - perfect handstands. And her partner too. The beautiful people. It would have been much easier if they were all snotty and superior and easy to hate. But they weren’t. They were lovely.

I ended up working with them and they were gracious and friendly. And apparently just made for each other. (No, I am not even the tiniest bit envious . . . it’s not like I’m looking for anything that resembles their relationship, or anything like that. At all.)

This did not help my general level of kvetchiness (That’s probably not a word- even a Yiddish word.) as usually I count being good at yoga as one of my talents. Today that was shown not to be so true by the beautiful people - they were younger than me, attractive, thinner than me, and better at yoga than me.

Ah well. I came home and consoled myself with chocolate.

And realized I might actually have another talent.

Yesterday I saw my very pregnant friend- 41 weeks. I’m surprised she doesn’t fall over when she walks. She’d been doing everything she could to induce labour: drinking herbs, shiatsu, acupuncture etc. I had morning tea with her and as I left whispered to her tummy: It’s time to come out now.

She had the child, a boy, later that night.

Maybe I've discovered a new talent: baby whisperer.

Stella x


  1. Ooooh! The baby whisperer! - Congratulations to you and your friend!

    And there has to be more to Yoga than standing on your head! I'm guessing you're fantastic at the rest

  2. NQ- you can always be relied upon to say the right thing. :-)