Saturday, 28 April 2012

Slumping. . .

. . . and embarrassed about it too.

The downside of living 5 minutes from work is that when you duck into the supermarket on a Saturday evening looking like something that's been working down on the farm, maybe even wrestling some steer, you’re guaranteed to be served by an ex-student.

I spent the day in a slump. It’s an official-honest-to-God-slump too. I managed to do exactly one thing all day: walk the dog. The rest of the day has been spent on the couch watching trash I’ve recorded: The Closer, Modern Family, and The Mentalist. Not even trash with cute men in it, that’s how bad the slump is.  I did almost go to a new yoga class. Then decided it was a lot of effort to drive 45 minutes, and besides it was cold and nasty outside. The slump is so bad I haven't even been blogging, or reading blogs, I mainly just surf internet dating sites for men I'd like to date. . . and stare at the TV.

Instead I spent a lot of time thinking about chocolate, but resisted the urge to buy any for at least 6 hours. I think that’s a very good effort. I was partly motivated by the fact that I haven’t done a lot of exercise of late - I’m still looking for a new yoga studio -and partly motivated by the fact that I was convinced the craving would past.

It didn’t.

So I bowed to the inevitable early this evening, besides I was bored, some trashy mags wouldn’t go astray either. I fed the dog, then hauled my much-less-than-glamourous self down to the local supermarket. There I was in all my make-up less glory, and my daggy dog-walking jeans when the girl who calls “Next, please” at the Express checkout is an ex-student.


I was slightly embarrassed as it was evident I was doing nothing with my life this evening.

I was slightly more embarrassed when I tried to leave with my purchases without paying.

“Would you like to pay?” she jokingly asked.

“Well, since you know where I work I probably should,” I rallied.

Then left really quickly.

Stella x


  1. Ah yes... the chocolate craving that "will pass." Been there done that ;) Sounds like a perfectly ok day to me. Once in a while a slump day can be very relaxing (Until you run into an ex student! All the more reason to stay in and watch more taped shows ;) ) I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Never mind. Tomorrow's another day. I've had my son leaving home to deal with today. Hit the bottle! I'm amazed I'm so cheerful, actually. Chardy helps.


  3. NQ- yeah, just felt a little pathetic about it, but obviously not pathetic enough to take some action and do something.

    Fraudy- oh no. Yes, the power of Chardy.

  4. Maybe your ex-student thought you were on your way to a kick-ass Bring Your Own Chocolate party. She was probably hardly able to contain her jealousy.

    1. Thanks alonewithcats, that's probably her exact interpretation . . .that's why I was rushing off without paying too. . the excitement of it all.

  5. Ha! I may be an idiot. . . I've only noticed just NOW that I can REPLY to individual comments instead of just adding my own comment. D'oh!