Thursday, 19 April 2012

Imperfect Instructions

Paint and stain tins do not come with comprehensive enough instructions.

Sure they say:

  • Do not use if there is the likelihood of rain within 24hours of application
  • Do not use in direct sunlight
  • Rinse paintbrushes in water

But they don't say:
If two people are staining the area don't stop halfway along the length of timber if you have a very heavy hand when the first person (who may or may not be your long-suffering father) takes a break and you pick up a paintbrush because, after all, it is your house.

No, they don't say that.

If they did they could also give consequences:

Or the final product may look a little lopsided. In fact, you may have a clear square area where someone who is heavy handed (like yourself perhaps) has painted . . . with their heavy hand.

Or include a diagram of the possible result -

In my defence I am a novice at staining decking- now I know what not to do.

And it would be helpful if they could gave more consequences:

Then you'll have to get your long-suffering dad (again) to even it all up with a second coat because you suck at painting decking, even if you were 100% successful at staining the house last summer.

Just sayin' . . . . they don't say that.

Stella x


  1. This sounds so much like something that would happen in my own life that when I was laughing at your picture, I was really kind of laughing at myself. (Maybe I should not post comments when I am half-asleep, but trust me when I say this makes perfect sense in my head.)

  2. MM- that's OK, you can laugh. That was the reaction I expected when I put up the photo. It's kinda too late when my dad tells me afterwards I should've tapered off the end of the paint when I finished my row. I mean, I haven't done this before.
    Nothing much to be done about the fact that I painted it with a heavier hand than him. It's kinda the 2 coats of paint in 1 approach- it's a time saver.

  3. How'd the second coat go? I bet it looks pretty :)

  4. lol oh goodness, that sounds like something I'd do. The tin really should give explicit instructions about these things :)

  5. All I can say is 'ha ha', like that kid on The Simpsons. Maybe you need to have a few people over to dance the night away on it and even it all up. No one will notice at night after a few drinks!