Sunday, 20 May 2012

Injuries: self inflicted and stupid

For some reason I have not been very motivated to exercise during the past week. It may have something to do with my cold. (Is that why they're called a 'cold'- because you feel very cold?)

With over one kilogram of chocolate sitting in my spare room this has been making me slightly anxious as if I don't exercise AND eat all of that chocolate - which is inevitable at some point - then fairly soon I gonna have to kiss 57kg goodbye and go buy me some fat jeans. 

So I hauled my butt off the couch last night and did some yoga. Stupid me. I did ye olde basic Surya Namaskar (yeah, I'm showing off, that's the Sun Salute) and then some hand balances. I do like the crow balance, or Kakasana.

Crow pose involves balancing all your body weight (yeah, all 57 kg) on your hands, while tucking your knees behind your arms. The video above shows how useful it is to have a helper. I didn't have a helper which might explain why it feels like I've strained my wrist. However, that's OK because the other danger is that you might fall forward onto your face; better a sore wrist than a black eye.

So today I went rowing; where one flexes one's wrist back and forth as one manipulates the oar. 

A note to the wise: this is not a good idea if your wrist is already sore. 

(I don't actually know if I suck big time at rowing, or just small time, or actually have some competence. I'd be surprised if it was the last option but I am enjoying it. Except when we get rained on. And really, I wish I knew, or at least was given more instructions so I know where I stand, or er row.)

As a consequence I have decided not to go salsa dancing tonight, the very first time someone spins me I think it will strain my wrist. At least with salsa I know I have some competence. Someone even told me recently I was a good dancer after showing me such a good time on the dance floor I thought I was a pro! So it's a shame I'm not going because it always feels good to know you can do something. Especially when you can do it without hurting yourself. 

Ha!  Which reminds me of the good old days when I used to do unsupported headstands . . . until the day I toppled over completely and strained and sprained all sorts of things in the pelvic area. It was no laughing matter- walking was an issue.


Stella x

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