Friday, 25 May 2012

No, I'm not big boned either. . .

I swear the next person who tells me I'm rather skinny, or too skinny, or very thin is getting to get socked right in the mouth. I'm sick of people pronouncing judgement on me. I don't make it my business to tell people they need to lose weight, or exercise a bit more, or even exercise at all, but people seem to think it's OK to tell me about how I look.

Fine, give me a compliment but don't decide for me how heavy I should be or that I need to put on more padding. The latter advice is because I frequently complain of being cold; I am always one jumper colder than everyone else. 

"Well, you have no padding on your bones," they tell me. 

It got to the point where I asked the doctor about it as I do find I need several layers of clothing to stay warm. She told me I'm in the healthy weight range but turned it around and said that everyone else generally has one jumper more padding on their body than me. I'm OK. I'm healthy: that's just how I roll, that's my metabolism, and my body type. Possibly I should move somewhere with a hotter clime, she advised. 

I have weighed around this weight for the last two decades, give or take 2kg. For the record I'm 5"6' and usually 56/57kg. I'm fairly certain that this is a normal weight for me: I don't diet, I don't exercise obsessively, I eat chocolate, I eat too much cheese for sure, I drink moderately. Granted I rarely eat junk food but that's a healthy lifestyle choice. I think about what I put into my body and try to make it healthy. I eat until I'm full, and then I stop. 

To put on weight I'd have to stop listening to my body, and I don't think that's particularly helpful, and overeat, or eat foods higher in fats more often. None of which make me feel very good.

Perhaps I should stop exercising to please these people? At the moment I'm not doing too much at all anyway. I row once a week and have only been getting to yoga once or twice a week also. I've only been managing to dance once every couple of weeks too. 

The rowing is, however, toning me quickly but that's just my body type. I've always had skinny arms and legs, now they're fairly toned and muscular: a little bit of exercise and my body responds quickly. I feel fit and healthy. The exercise helps my slightly manic brain calm down and it helps me sleep at night. 

All in all I feel I have a quite a balanced approach to food and exercise, so why do people think it's OK to tell me I'm too thin? I'm just getting crotchety about it now, people, please butt out!

Stella x

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