Sunday, 13 May 2012

In a fair n' just world. . .

. . . when I took up rowing there’d be lots of nice hot single men.

Instead, what I got today was 2 hours of rain with a top temperature of 14 degrees. Plus, I had a cold. So didn’t feel super fantastic to begin with, never mind warm.

To combat this I put on 2 pairs of leggings, 2 t-shirts, a merino wool (apparently they’re very warm) ice-breaker top, a windcheater, and a cap.

This was all pointless as by the time we’d carried the boat out of the boatshed down to the river and dumped it in we were all damp.

By the time we had rowed 2km we were all soaked.  This was fine while we were actually rowing because at least the activity involved keeps you warm. It was when we stopped and our coach took the time to correct the finer points of our technique that we got cold. And wetter.

By the time we got back I smelt like a wet lamb. My hat was wet, my hair was wet, both t-shirts were wet and my underwear was wet. My feet were freezing cold because my runners and my socks were wet.

Again this was fine because once we’d gotten the boat out of the river we had to turn it upside down to empty it of water. Guess where that water runs when you are holding the hull? Yes, onto your feet.

Suprisingly there were NO other boats on the river. There were two ferries, with people on the inside all warm and dry. I bet they enjoyed seeing us hauling ass. We were going fast, but then we were quite motivated to get back.

There was nary a hot man in sight. (Or woman come to that, we were all freezing our proverbials off.)

Stella x 


  1. Oh this sounds horribly horribly awful. Maybe the saving grace IS that there were no hot single men around to see it?

  2. Pfft! There'd be no point anyway, i figure make-up while rowing is a waste of time and terribly vain. I just put on a hat and sunglasses and suck it up.
    The worse part is I was pretty sick the next day and couldn't work when they rang me. Actually, no the worse part is my poor dad caught it too, and he took much longer to recover than me.

  3. Sounds pretty dreadful all around. And Dad didn't even go rowing!

  4. Ah, did a regatta yesterday. . . will blog about it soon but did involve standing around for several hours with wet feet as one had to wade into the river to get into the boat. And it's winter in Oz, ok no snow but it was cold enough. I had chattering teeth.

  5. Your'e not making it sound any better! ;)