Thursday, 7 November 2013

More of Your Guide to Melbourne: Oaks Day

Went to Oaks Day at Flemington today as  part of the Spring Racing Carnival - I think I enjoyed it more than the Cup last year. Less people, fewer crowds.

The trains, however, were still very crowded with people going to Oaks Day, which is traditionally Ladies' Day. So there is great hooha about getting dressed up, matching your hat or fascinator to your outfit and having matching gloves, shoes and clutch.

While everyone I say had fascinators or little tiny hats on no one had the matching clutch or gloves. That must be de rigeur for people entering Fashions on the Fields. Apparently that is a big deal- at least according to the advertising it is. Or maybe it's people sitting in the Members stand, or maybe it's just for celebrities.

I had a look at some links of what I assumed were people at the races, or even just Fashion in the Field entrants, but were in fact just celebrities. Not terribly well-known celebrities either.

I didn't even know who the first person was - Lance Franklin, apparently a famous footballer. And then there were a lot of his girlfriend but finally someone I did recognise Jennifer Hawkins. Strange, I did not at any time see any of these people so unless you had entrance to the celebrity tent or wherever they hung out it was like we were attending different races entirely.

Just sayin'. . .

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