Sunday, 3 November 2013

Technical Dificulties

Yep, if you neglect your blog for a while you forget all sorts of passwords and then have technical difficulties.

Like the password to sign into your blog.
And the password to your email account where you follow other people's blogs.
And the google password. . . is that the same or different from my email password?

And compounding the difficulties is my tendency to change my mind.

When I started this new anonymous blog, because I no longer wanted to be Josie, I started a Wordpress blog. And I followed other blogs using Wordpress account and the associated email address. I ran into issues following Blogspot blogs so got rid of that blog and started again with Blogspot.

But it didn't all get cleared away, did it?

No, I couldn't manage to change my followings and somehow when I comment on someone's Wordpress blog it prompts me to log on with my old blog. Which I can't do as I cleared it.

Then I decided that a gmail account would be more useful as an email account so changed the account associated with this blog. Now I can't access my yahoo email but for some reason I can log into my blog using that email address- there are just no emails for me to read.

It's taken a couple of hours to access my blog again- yay - but I still can't access my yahoo emails.

Then I needed to log onto Blogher to sign up for Nablomopo . . . with a Facebook account for some reason.  So I had to create passwords for both of those AND a Facebook account, which I don't particularly want to be on, but I was quite motivated to do Nablopomo this November so I persevered.

I'm quite confused now. I'd like to go and read other Nablopomo blogs but I'm quite worn out from figuring out how to access my blog and some of my emails.

And there are all the other things competing for my time. There's the five or six books I have borrowed from the library that I really want to read, and the units I'll be teaching next year that I was to start researching and writing up, and marking, and all the other nitty gritty aspects of life. . .

Phew. So, my aim will be to keep up with Nablopomo every day this month, attempt to log onto Blogher, and find some time to read other people's blogs.

Stella x

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