Friday, 1 November 2013

When nerdom equals success

For the past few months I have been teaching in the TAFE system- that's Technical and Further Education for those not in the know. My students are mainly ones who completed year 12 (final year of secondary school) last year but did not do well enough to get into university. There is also a smattering of mature age students.

In a class last week my students were working on an essay. The course demands I teach them essay skills as it provides them with the skills to succeed at university.  I have broken down the steps to researching and writing an essay and then needed to decide on an essay topic.

Because I am an awesome teacher I decided on a topic that would be applicable to them: What factors contribute to success at the tertiary level. Brillliant, I thought. They learn to write an essay and in the process find out what their stumbling blocks may be at university.

Most don't really appreciate the topic, however, one mature age student told me last week:

"I feel like such a nerd in your class because I'm finding this so interesting." 

And, 'TOUCH DOWN!" as they say on certain TV shows when applauding success. 

My work here is done. I walked away with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Stella x


  1. Go, you! Well deserved. Sounds like a job I'd enjoy. Back for more next year??

  2. Hey Fraudy,
    yes, you'd enjoy it. Am back for more next year, with more units to teach.
    They really like me!!! I think it's coz I look so efficient- teaching in a secondary school will do that for you. Eg getting to class on time/ filling in required paperwork/ being able to control a class/ coming up with creative and interesting classes. . . .it'd be a breeze for you although since the cutbacks the work is only sessional.
    No holiday pay :-( no sick leave :-( and no 'spares' when you might conceivably prepare or mark.
    Really is very poorly paid. And they have the gall to want me to complete Cert IV in Assessment and Training. . . as if I can't actually teach rings around most of the rest of them.
    Despite having said all that I am really enjoying it. :-)