Wednesday, 6 November 2013

NaBloPoMo quandaries

Ugh . . . if I blog but no one reads it. . . is it still a blog?

What if I do it in the forest and no one reads it?

What if I do it every day (in November) and no one reads it?

What if I blog, and then one person reads it - me? (I'll make a note to get back to myself about that.)

Yeah, I get it, I'm meant to go and read other people's blogs but they all appear to be mummy blogs and I'm not. However, that's not really the only reason- I just don't seem to have much time. I haven't even been reading the latest postings from blogs I already follow.

What happened to my spare time?

Tonight I spent ages requesting DVDs from the TAFE library to introduce Blade Runner, which we're watching as another example of dystopian literature/film; we read The Handmaid's Tale previously. I think they're gonna be just as 'impressed' with Blade Runner. . . they're both kind of bleak. But  I guess that's the point of dystopian fiction.

And did you know/realise that Blade Runner has some very film noir qualities? The first release most especially with the 'hard boiled' detective - Deckard, the femme fatale- Rachel, and the voice over effects.  It has been called neo noir, in fact. Huh, the interesting things you discover as a teacher!

Anyway, so I spent some time requesting some film noir DVDs to show them also.

Rightyo signing off now, I have two units that I have to design, devise and invent to teach next year and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment that I have to demonstrate RPL (recognised prior learning) for even though I'm a fully trained up secondary teacher with muchos experience. However that doesn't count I still have to show that I can and do apply everything a Certificate qualification outlines- that'd be stuff I've been doing without even thinking about it for the last 15 years.

Huh, still it'll be worth it for the extra $2 I'll get an hour!

Ah. . . I am discovering that as I am blogging in the forest I feel A LOT of freedom to vent any which way I like.

Yay me!


  1. I'm reading! Enjoying your day to day proclivities. Should be writing more myself but often talk myself out of it & dither on social media instead. Cheers.

  2. If you blog (in or out of a forest), I will probably read it a year or two later when I remember my own password and log in to see what everyone I used read has been up to. Then I will probably leave a random comment like this, and forget to check back, and maybe not see your reply, but if you left a reply on MY blog I'd see it the next time I logged in (which would probably be in another year or two since I'm not blogging anymore either!) Hope all is well Stella! :)