Monday, 4 November 2013

That's the way it's always been done, and other reasonings of a well run college

The Setting: TAFE college, locked classroom.

When: Monday before Cup Day. (No, it's not important other than to signal to other Australians that there would be a very low attendance rate as Cup Day, the next day, is a holiday.)

Time: 8.30am. (And I pride myself on getting there on time. Me and two students. )

The Aggravation: The fact that this classroom is locked for the 13th time in a row despite the fact that I am timetabled in there, same time, every week.

More Aggravation: That I have to ring Security EVERY SINGLE WEEK to ask them to unlock the freakin' door.

As you can tell, I'm taking this is my stride. I actually enjoy whipping out my mobile (cell phone for you northern continent types) and ringing Security to ask them to unlock the door despite the fact that there are FOUR other classrooms in the same corridor and no one else bothers to ring Security, and the Security guards DO NOT turn up until they've been rung, and that I'm actually on time.

The Query: Good morning Security. This is Stella. I need my classroom unlocked. Again. Is this how it's meant to be? Am I meant to ring every, single, Monday morning to get access to the classroom I'm timetabled in?

The Advice: Speak to your Faculty Head and get them to write to Security.

So I speak to my manager. She speaks to whoever. . . possibly someone called Nancy.

The Outcome: No, I cannot have a key. There are no keys. No reason given.

Security's Reality: They don't like to unlock computer rooms until the teacher's there. It's security ya know. (These are the worlds oldest yuckiest computers.)

More of Security's Unreality: The fact that TWO windows in the classroom have been left open over the weekend and anyone who wanted to - I repeat these are very old computers - could break in and steal any computers that weren't damaged by the rain swishing in all weekend is NOT a security issue.

Furthermore (AKA Final Rant) : This is how it's always been done. This is the way they did it at the other campus so this is the way we're gonna do it here. No, don't be silly the Security guards couldn't possibly have the doors unlocked already for me to start my class. . . or even just happen to stroll down that particular corridor and open ALL FOUR OF THE FREAKIN' CLASSROOMS that are scheduled to have a class in them. Or even simply HANG AROUND at the allotted time for when I appear ON TIME to teach my class instead of making me wait FIFTEEN MINUTES to get into my classroom. You know, the one with the TWO OPEN WINDOWS.

I feel much better now.

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