Friday, 16 December 2011

Business based on Dilbert

Ah yes, continuing my unfortunate run with men who have no manners I have had contact today with business people who model themselves on the companies that feature in Dilbert's cartoons. What a complete waste of time and aggravation.

I ordered something on-line for my worth-his-weight-in-gold-Pa for Christmas. It was next day delivery and someone had to be here or they attempted to re-deliver it later, and then charge you again. It didn't come, of course, despite organising for someone to be home all day and having the dog posted as look out on the balcony. 

When I jumped on-line and tracked it via their handy tracking system it said that the driver attempted to deliver it and no one was home to sign for it. Plus they'd left a card to let me know how I could collect the consignment. 

Mysteriously there was no card; I spent the night alternately worrying they'd tried to deliver it to the wrong address and wondering why the driver would lie about delivering it. Maybe they just want to charge me twice and make some extra money. I rang the company, they told me that was just the message that was given and what actually happened is that the driver had run out of time to deliver the package. So I'd wasted my time worrying during the night - but hey, I like to have something to worry about anyway. 

The bad news was that the driver had too many parcels to deliver today so he would deliver it on Monday instead. This didn't suit me as I couldn't be home on Monday- Christmas is bearing down upon us rapidly and I've made all sorts of arrangements to catch up with friends etc now that school has finished. 

Worried that I'd be charged again for the non-delivery of the parcel, and that this would continue ad infinitum, I rang the company I ordered the package through, DPandA to make a complaint. They advertised in big, bold letters that they have "Next Day Delivery".  (Here's a tip, don't order anything through them.)

It was here that I encountered another one of those charming men that have popped up far too often in my world of late. The owner of the company immediately went on the attack. He told me that "in this day and age" it was "unreasonable" for me to actually expect next day delivery, especially with Christmas just around the corner. He proceeded to be arrogant and condescending, finally agreeing with me that it'd be good if I took my business elsewhere because frankly they could do without the hassle. 

I guess his advanced people skills explains why he has an on-line business. I am quite perplexed, all he had to do was agree with me that it was inconvenient that I hadn't receive my parcel and that it was, indeed, frustrating before contacting the courier company himself to find out the details. (Apparently what the courier company told me might be completely different to what they tell him. I'm not sure why.)

Instead he just inflamed the situation and made me think he was an arrogant tool: I'm becoming quite good at recognising them now. I rang the courier company again and got further clarification of what would happen if I wasn't home on Monday to receive my parcel- they simply leave it at the post office. That's perfect, I'd much prefer to pick it up there anyway. 

Why did I just go through all that aggravation? Why?

What I should do now is go to Bikram yoga (in Glen Waverley) where they do  have people skills: the instructors are always pleased to see you as if you are doing them a favour coming to their class, they greet you by name and with a smile, they comment on how long it has been since they've seen you, and also comment on your progress in the class. It's fabulous.

Unfortunately, I've wasted the morning speaking to these other two businesses and now don't have time for yoga before meeting a friend for lunch. I'm just going to have to try and shake off the attitude from these rude people and not let them ruin my day, or my perspective.

Phew. Thanks for listening!

Stella x


  1. I took the day off school on Tuesday because I'd booked an electrician. He was recommended to me, and he'd been the one to call me and accept the work. He simply didn't front. Tools, indeed. No phone call even. Perhaps he was taken ill. Or got a job closer to home. Bastard!

    But lucky you having finished school already. Think of me on Monday. I'm running three back to back ninety minute sessions with junior kids making Christmas tree decorations out of magazines. Bring on the paper cuts!

  2. Deliveries drive me nuts!! It shouldn't be this difficult...

    Clearly that business owner was never taught that "the customer is always right" ... And next day delivery is not an unreasonable expectation if that's what they're advertising!! Sheesh.

  3. Fraudy, I thought of you on Monday, hope they've finished now. That's far, far too long for them still to be at school. Electricians! Pah! I've got the back verandah booked to be replaced with a guy who actually came to give me a quote the next day; let's hope he turns up in Jan when he said he would.

    Amy- no, you wonder how some people stay in business, don't you? They did deliver it eventually. Phew.