Saturday, 10 December 2011

Manners and no manners

As I am a sucker for punishment I am still doing the on-line dating thing. 

So far I have had two men respond positively to me by indicating that they would like to hear from me - and it turns out that they didn't really. How do I know this? I emailed them, and subsequently haven't heard from them. (You've gotta wonder what I write in these emails, don't you?) This smacks of bad manners to me. I understand someone may get a better offer, or have a couple of dates with someone else so they don't want to pursue anything with me, however, I will survive if they actually respond to my email and tell me that they don't want to continue correspondence with me. 

Never mind. It's a very cheap way of discovering I really don't want to waste any time on these men.

On the plus side I have had a date with a man who seems lovely. (Yes, I realize I've said that before.) We spent a very nice evening talking, eating, and more talking. He appears genuine - don't they all. (Wait at sec and I'll  just bitch slap the cynic back down.)

Most agreeably, he paid me compliments and actually appeared to want to get to know me, exactly the way I remember happening on dates. It was rather gratifying to see him smile when I returned from forays to the Ladies. 

He does not work for the Federal Police, he does not work overseas, he does not work out to excess (I'm not sure if he even works out) and he was a most interesting and fun conversationalist.

He indicated a desire to see me again.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I am awed by your commitment to this. Fingers crossed.

  2. One of the first guys I messaged with on eHarmony did the same thing - we'd messaged for a while, then he sent me his phone number to give him a call sometime, so I did. HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK! If this is how he acts, I'm lucky he never responded and I didn't have to deal with him in person, but still. Bad form, men, bad form.

  3. NQ- So am I. I must kick this habit. Somehow.
    Folly- good to hear from you! I agree, it's a cheap way to find out they're not someone you'd like to see anyway.