Thursday, 1 December 2011


Alas, I failed at NaBloPoMo at the very last minute, the last two days. I was so good until then, although my plans to roam around Blogher and read lots of other blogs never eventuated. Then all of a sudden it's the end of the month. 

The 2nd last day I had a friend over for dinner, all very nice. Then when she left my small scale migraine got the better of me and I just went to bed. Didn't even think of blogging. I think this is fair enough, I had a super busy day: teaching all day, and Yard Duty at lunchtime, then after school tutored a student who really did not want to do any work, all the time with my mini-migraine. 

Well, the doctor says they're migraines but I don't know. No funny vision, no throwing up, just a feeling of complete exhaustion and of course pain. I take ibroprofen but eventually that starts making my stomach hurt. The only thing for it is to wait two days - they always last two days. And they're always behind my right eye and make my shoulder and neck seize up too. (Any suggestions in dealing with migraines?)

Then last night I had a meeting after school which, as far as I'm concerned, was a complete waste of time. I couldn't access various things on my computer (as usual, bad IT karma) to update the curriculum documentation we were working on. I felt obliged to stay nevertheless as I've hardly been to any meetings as I usually finish before the end of the day - the beauty of being part time. I looked on as someone else updated and contributed unhelpful observations.

Then I rushed to the gym because I hadn't been in the morning, the migraine getting the better of me. Came home and got ready for my date. Yes, I had a date. A second date, in fact. Success! Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say that until I find out if we have a 3rd date. (Although he's a sloppy kisser. Am I allowed to say that? And can I change that?)

So, it was a very late date. Dinner, we chatted for ages, it's all very positive. Home after midnight, so there goes the opportunity to blog on the last day too. Ah well. It's put me in the blogging frame of mind again.


  1. Hmmm... 2nd date, or write in a blog.... You chose to have a life. Good for you :)

    Re the migraine's, I think I may have suggested this before, but have you written down the days they occur in a calendar and tracked that against your monthly cycle? I know... who wants to think about that. But knowing if that correlates could help.

  2. NQ- well, when you read my most current post you'll know why I say, "No comment!"