Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's all good. . .

I thought this was an expression peculiar to us Aussies. I always took it as looking on the bright side, no matter how bad things were you'd survive, that kind of thing. So I looked it up and it sounds like a universal saying. Or as various dictionaries describe it: a platitude, and even more harshly; a meaningless platitude.

So maybe it's the wrong platitude for me but all cynicism aside: things are good, and getting better all the time. 

I've been doing even more socialising with the on-line groups and have met fabulous people. Somehow there are all sorts of people out there in Melbourne in similar situations to me. They are out there socialising and keen to make new friends. I keep collecting phone numbers and business cards. I frequently appear to be the one kicking on elsewhere after the event has finished with another new friend.

I have a new Canadian friend to go and salsa with - we tried this week but some Melbourne nightclubs have closed down between Christmas and New Years - strange. I've had men buy me drinks apparently just to be nice. I've met people new to Melbourne: Canadian, American, Sydney-siders, Taiwanese, Greek, and even Russian, and people who live in Melbourne. 

In the last fortnight I've had more people say to me, "We must exchange numbers" than I'm sure I've had all year. I've had a ball going to functions where you don't know anyone but simply turn to someone standing nearby and introduce yourself. And then you get to do that with everyone else in the room too.

I've met lawyers, economists, lecturers in physiology, admin people, IT people, people who specialise in hiring out furniture to people (don't know what they're called), business analysts, biochemists, semi-retired people, property developers, engineers, and uni students. 

I've been to more new bars in Melbourne than I've ever been to in my life, discovered new pubs, and enjoyed more Happy Hours than my liver can handle, and tramped the streets of Melbourne in high heels far too often for my back to be happy. I'm friends with the woman who sells me tickets at my local train station now and am happy to be out early and then catch the last train home, which is always packed.

Today I am taking it easy. I might go to Bikram and see if I can rid my body of some of the toxins rushing through my bloodstream ready for 2012. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Stella xx


  1. Happy New Year. Glad to know that things seems to be getting a bit more fun for you :)

  2. Yay that's great! Happy New Year Stella!

  3. I am here via Masked Mom, who has been instrumental in helping me broaden my blogging boundaries. The expression "It's all good" is used by my oldest son, and has become synonymous with him in our little neck of the woods, here in NorCal. I am a retired teacher, so I am not likely to be able to travel to Australia, in any other way, other than by words. Have a safe and happy New Year.

  4. NQ- yeah. Has been nice.
    Terra- thanks, it's overdue.
    Folly- Right back at ya!
    Mark- thanks for visiting. Ah, so it's really not an Aussie expression.
    Stella x

  5. Congrats Stel! Glad you wound your year up with a bang instead of a fizzle. Hope the new year is all you want and need it to be. :D
    ~cath xo