Monday, 28 November 2011

The end is nigh. . .

Two more teaching days, for me, until the end of the year. Yay! I know this is extremely slack but my passion for being at school, going to meetings (OK, so no need to point out I hardly go to meetings), planning and marking is at a low point. 

Maybe it's the whole "neediness" of school: this must be done, that must be done, the other must be done. At the moment another teacher is pursuing me to come in on a day off and take a class so I can mark the assessment.  We teach at the same year level, the actual a teacher of the class will be away, there is an oral all our classes have done at that year level.

For some reason it is important that another teacher of that very junior year level needs to be wrangled in to do the marking. I don't understand why. The school will cover the teacher's classes, why can't that replacement teacher mark the speeches?

Perhaps I'm not showing enough school spirit but I have no desire to come in for 70 minutes on my day off - I have other things planned. Churlish of me, I know. Even if they do pay me. I don't care really; it's Year 7, it's my day off. 

Then my lack of enthusiasm raises the question of whether or not I really want the job they're offering me Term 1 next year. Actually, there has been no formal "Here do you want this job" offer, I've just been told my load. On one hand that is, of course, good but on the other do I want to teach two Year 11 classes I haven't taught before?

What about my French course? I know if I go back to work it will be just about impossible to get to my uni classes. And that's it. If I don't go back next year I lose my place.

Hm. More thinking to do. Somehow I feel like I can't knock back the Term 1 position either. They are subjects I want to teach but. . . .


  1. Sounds like you have a dilemma...time to weigh those pros and cons. Over a glass of wine perhaps (wine often helps me to chill down enough to think clearly). Good luck. :D

  2. Don't go in to mark Year 7 on your day off!! At this time of year? WTF? I think perhaps your colleagues overestimate the importance of that oral assessment.

    I found out today that I should be attending an Art Show this evening. As if. Been there, done that. The young teachers are stepping up to the plate quite enthusiastically, as I have done for over 30 years! Thirty years. Jeeze. Shoot me now.

    Trying not to think about Cath's wine comment. Trying to have an AFD. Hmm.

    Cheers. Fraudster.

  3. cath- I know. Sigh- I think the big dirty dollar is going to win out here.
    Fraudy- I know! They did offer to pay me, but to go in for one period? I don't think so.
    Anyway had geared myself up to be brave and tell her, "Sorry, no can't come in on Friday" when i saw her today and her timetable had changed- exams or something- and now it didn't matter! Geez!
    And why not think about wine? A teacher's best friend. . .

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