Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Becoming a gym-bunny. Or not

As a member of my local gym I go to the Spin classes, the occasional Step class and some of the other classes when time and motivation hits. What I don’t do is go to the actual gym part. It intimidates me.

However, I have recently decided I would like to do some weight training for my upper body. My butt and legs get a good work out from the Spin classes, and even from the once a week yoga I do, but some exercises for the upper body would be good.

When you join the gym they throw in a weights program for you. I joined the gym 6 months ago. I had an appointment for a weights program but then had to cancel it. I’m sure I had a legitimate reason at the time but I never got around to making another appointment. Until now. So I picked up the phone and made an appointment. 

So far, so good. I explained I wanted something I could do quickly as my previous experience has taught me that if I have a gym membership, the most likely result is that I will avoid the gym. So I reasoned that if I had a quick, small program I could do in 20 minutes just before the Spin class I’d be much more likely to go.

So that’s what I got. Then I avoided going for a week. (Ha Ha. I can see why women- only gyms are successful.) But I went eventually, twice this week, and it wasn’t that bad. OK, so I try and do my exercises as quickly as possible - unlike the men there doing a little bit of grunting and lifting very big weights - but I did go. Yay for me!

Apart from having to speak quite harshly to myself to persuade myself to go, it wasn’t that bad. Yes, there’s some blokes wandering around looking terribly serious and muscle bound, but I did see some other more normal looking people. There were even other women there. Phew.

So that’s twice this week. And I am sore now. I’m going to have the sexiest most toned underarms you’ve ever seen if the pain in my armpits is anything to go by. Now all I have to do is convince myself to go next week again!


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