Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Frickin’ frick, frick, frick!

So against my better judgement I agreed to “see” the MOS. What does that mean? Well his situation is that he is away for six weeks at time; I assume that means I can see him every six weeks.

No, that is not what it means. What it means is it’s “about” six weeks.  This time, by the time he gets back and I might be able to see him it will be eight weeks. Plus, he’s not 100% sure of which date he will actually get back, “around the 14th or 15th of September,” he says. So in theory it could be longer.

When I crack the shits –metaphorically speaking- whilst IM chatting he doesn’t understand.  He brushes aside my accusations that he hasn’t been completely truthful with me and continues to make light of the situation. I don’t find it funny.

Why is that?!

I’ve explained to him that I’m looking for a relationship, and that for me that would involve actually seeing the person. And that I could probably put up with a six week separation but anything more is just too much.

He’s so casual in his approach to “us” that he doesn’t really know how long he will have been away. This speaks volumes to me. As does the fact that his job takes him away for weeks at a time, and has done so for several years. Obviously this is a man who’s not that worried about being in a relationship, or he wouldn’t have elected to live his life this way.

I was aware of this when I first met him and decided to take the chance on him anyway.

Now I’m re-visiting the wisdom of that decision.

In fact, I was so angry when I was IMing him I told him it was over and then got off line. I followed this up with trying to ring him to explain in person; he did not answer his phone. So I clearly stated in a text that a six week separation I can endure, more than that and I simply don’t want to be involved.

I said I wanted more than he could offer. I said: “Please don’t contact me again. And when you return to Melbourne please don’t get in touch.”

I thought I was being pretty clear. Apparently not.

His response the next day was to text, “Does that feel good to take control for yourself? Well that took a weird turn last night. I sense there was something else going on for you on the weekend but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.”

I haven’t responded.

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