Thursday, 22 September 2011

No more MOS- I mean it this time

Don't roll your eyes at me. I know exactly how it sounds. It sounds exactly how it feels: pathetic.

Let me explain. No, as Inigo Montoya would say with a thick Spanish accent, "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."  (You have to be a fan of The Princess Bride.) So this is how the non-relationship has panned out thus far. . . in chronological order.

  • Three months of haphazard, irregular texting, a couple of phone calls, three dates in the middle of that three months, and 3 IM chats.
  • The big IM discussion/argument that went seriously wrong and I decided I just couldn't bear the situation anymore and told him not to contact me.
  • A week later he emails, still also pissed off with me and bans me from Lygon St.
  • I email back, really annoyed, and tell him he is arrogant. 
  • I email back 3 hours later and apologise, and say I didn't want to end this on an angry note.
  • Three weeks later - because I'm weak- I email and tell him I would like to see him again because he's still on my mind.
  • He doesn't reply until one week later - by which time he's back in Melbourne. He says that he's still thinking about me too and maybe we should talk even though he's not really been a "good" boy the last few weeks. (Sigh, why would I want to be involved with someone like that I ask myself?)
  • The next day I email back and say I'd like to chat.
  • Then the next day, having not heard from him, I email again and say: By the way, I deleted your phone number so you'll have to contact me.
  • A few days later and. . . nothing.

Clearly he's not that "into me" or he'd have emailed or text or even rung by now.

And because he hasn't my interest has waned because I want someone who is "into me" and will make an effort to contact me. I figure he's still out and about 'catting' around, so to speak.

And before you say "Are you out of your freakin' mind?" Yes, I know I am but in my defence he was the most interesting man I've met in a very long time. Plus, I was attracted to him - and most of the men I get on the internet I am very much NOT attracted to.


OK, one more sleep and then HOLIDAYS. Hooray! And I shall continue to forget about the stupid MOS. . . maybe life is simpler single. I am still on-line, it's still no fun.

Stella x


  1. Hmm... Life is simpler single.

    Interesting men are err.. interesting, but I think they are complicated, which makes them unfathomable.

  2. Firstly, I freakin' love "The Princess Bride".

    Secondly, life is totally simpler single! I sometimes wonder if I should have just enjoyed being single rather than jump into online dating. But as I have already paid for my dating profile, and as I am conversing with some....err, interesting....fellas, I'll continue to give it a go for now. At least some of them seem promising (I hope!).

  3. Terra- you got that right!
    Folly- yeah, I wish I could embrace the "life is simpler single" attitude. . .but I really really want to be in a relationship. :-(
    "The Princess Bride" rocks!

  4. Sometimes the single life is simpler and sometimes its more complicated. Randomly making your own decisions is much simpler when you aren't in a relationship. But I've found lately the single life has its difficulties and the world just doesn't seem to be all that accepting of me on my own. I've found lately that I had to explain that its not the same for me because I don't have a partner... and then I have to explain why a situation isn't the same. It sucks!

    I know I'll get bored soon and look to be confused by men again... then I'll regret it!!

  5. Life can be really difficult. If we are single we want a relationship and many in a relationship want to be single. This guy may be interesting, but even at the "courting" stage he is not meeting your basic criteria of being "into you" Delete his email as well as his phone number. You deserve better.

  6. Bleeding heck. . .right after I posted this he emailed me. . then rang the next day. Anyway. . .
    hocam- yeah, I know what you are saying. . .
    Dr Aunty- yeah, people just don't understand some of the difficulties of being single, do they? It's like they forget, or maybe they just never knew. good luck with it all. . as usual. Remember, no "fucking muppets!"
    Stella x

  7. So what now? Isn't it odd how some people have internal radar that tells them when you are done so they can throw a hook into you again? Sounds like the only person he's into is himself Stella. Good luck girl.