Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The therapeutic value of chocolate and ice-cream.

After baring my bloggy soul yesterday I was rather bolstered by the lovely caring comments from friends. That was nice. It was also nice not to have to explain in real life while I’m feeling shitty and then have the tears descend again. Phew.

I did manage to stop crying last and by some miracle or other my eyes didn’t look too bad so I was very good and went to the gym. I even did some weights before the Spin class and was very pleased there was hardly anyone there so I didn’t even have to feel self-conscious about my not quite normal eyes.

I followed this up with sitting on the couch in despair because I had no chocolate in the house. You’d think I might’ve prepared for this and bought chocolate on my way back from the gym, wouldn’t you? But no.

After scouring the cupboards, and fridge, I discovered ice-cream. Being desperate I took the Sara-Lee French Vanilla tub and sat down on the couch to eat it straight from the tub. After all, that’s what they do in the movies.

I ate a significant amount - and felt better. This is ironic because I bought the ice-cream for dessert when I invited the MOS over to my place for dinner FIVE weeks ago. (I can’t tell you how glad I am I didn’t sleep with him.) It was the first week of my new job, mid-week, and I wanted to see him again before he headed back O/S and I thought dinner at my place would be convenient - for me.

Anyway, the important thing to note here is that I don’t really care for ice-cream that much and hadn’t touched it since. I was, in fact, getting sick of seeing it in my freezer taking up space for the last FIVE weeks but it came in quite handy last night when I let it get all soft and proceeded to guts some down straight from the tub.

If only Alannis Morrisset could have cleverly worked the purchase of ice-cream into her song “Ironic”- maybe she’ll do a sequel and use my sad story. She could call it- Ironicer, or maybe More Ironic.  Actually, the whole irony of the situation is almost making me feel better. Almost.

Tonight I came home prepared. Well, not prepared as much as just pathetic really, when I think about it. I have chocolate. I have ONE Caramello koala. That’s one very small chocolate. Ah well. It is chocolate. And there’s still half a tub of ice-cream in the fridge too. 

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