Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I need a cure . . .

I have a cold currently, not heaps of fun but I’ve had much worse colds so I’m keeping the tissue box close and not doing very much.

What’s worse than the common cold is the insomnia I’m having. I’m thinking about work, I’m thinking about the MOS, I’m thinking about work again. And I can’t seem to stop.

In my ongoing battle with insomnia I have seen several doctors, a couple of sleep specialists (it’s all in my mind), and two hypnotherapists.

I have read several books, I have attended meditation classes, I have taken up yoga, I have exercised  (but not just before bed), I have drunk warm milk, I have listened to relaxation CDs, and I have simply given up, turned on the light and read my book.

Last night was particularly bad because along with the insomnia was the need to get up to wee about 3 or 4 times during the night. What’s up with that? Have I got old all of a sudden and didn’t notice?

Work finishes in three weeks time and so far I don’t have anything for next term – this means I’m probably sleep better. I’m not unduly stressed because I’ll go back to doing emergency teaching. I’m also thinking of doing some office/temp work. Worst case scenario I’m might look for some casual waitressing, just to keep me busy..

The MOS- another problem. Despite his last email telling me to stay away from Lygon St and that I obviously engineered the whole conversation because I had an ulterior motive of wanting to end things, I am still thinking of him. This is very annoying. If only someone else would contact me and I could think about someone else for a change.

The cold- now it feels worse at the tail end of the day.


  1. "Garlic? What are you crazy? Did it actually cure the flu? Or did it just get rid of vampires?!"

    Garlic. Totally serious. Google it. Has some sort of weird curative aspects when crushed and eaten raw. Apparently slicing, cooking, swallowing it whole, or crushing and eating it at a later date destroys the magic "whatever" juice in it. If you're still sick, give it a try.

  2. I can't even bring myself to google it. . . fortunately the cold is improving so maybe I won't have to.