Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On being banned from Lygon St- alas

The beauty of being anonymous is that I can be irreverent about my internet dating experiences- especially the MOS.

If you’ve been following closely you’ll know that after a three month, mainly text, relationship the MOS and I have parted ways. For the uninitiated it would be kind of hard to see the difference this has made in my life. So let me point it out for you:

I do not get several text messages a day, varying from the humdrum to suggestive.
I no longer need to compulsively check my phone several times a day for text messages.
I don’t wake in the night and wonder if he text me late at night when he got home and then feel absolutely compelled to turn my phone on and find out. (Sleep is much easier now.)
I no longer have 3 hour long IM chatting sessions- not that that happened very often anyway.
My ‘heavy’ dating schedule averaging one date per month has been cleared - we had three dates in the three months we’ve “known” each other - so I have much more time on my hands now.

However, a week after our last chatting session- this would be when I spat the dummy at him, logged off, tried to ring him twice, he didn’t answer, and then ended “it” by text - he emails me. (I didn’t say it was a very mature relationship or anything.)

Apparently he’s not very happy with me. Nor does he hold me in high regard right now. In fact, my interpersonal skills are sorely lacking.

The part of me that has regained my sense of humour smiled at that email and considered that this was the man who wanted a relationship with me based solely on texting for 6 8 weeks. Texting that would suddenly cease for no particular reason. No, “I’m going out to eat now” or “Catch you in the morning” or anything quite as civil, just no reply until the next day, or several hours later.

But the part that I love the most is that I’ve been “banned” from the Carlton area, Lygon St in particular. He lives in Carlton. The non-Melbournites among us might need to know that Carlton is a trendy inner city suburb with lots of fabulous Italian, and other, eateries. It also has a very cool cinema that plays foreign films, which is why I occasionally go there.

Because I am immature and ,well, my ire was raised, I immediately responded by “banning” him from the hills. Good come back, huh?

I do wonder though if I’m allowed to go to the city, or is it just Carlton that is off-limits? Actually, he only said Lygon St. Maybe I can get a carbonara somewhere else in Carlton? Or, what if I bought an apartment in Carlton- that’d annoy him for sure.

Oh, and what about whichever country he is sent too next? Maybe I’m not allowed to go there either? Maybe I should just stay in the hills and hope for a date with someone else who actually works in Melbourne.

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