Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On becoming a hermit

I’ve become a little hermit-like lately; somehow this seems unacceptable. And I’m not sure to whom, or why. The weekend has arrived again – and I’ve discovered I relish the weekend much more now that I’m working every day – and I feel as if I should be going out either Friday or Saturday night.

Well, guess what? I really couldn’t be bothered. Is it because all week at work (school) I’ve spent time talking to people/students and now I’m all talked out? Or is it coz I’m naturally an introvert, even though I don’t look like one, and I’m just exhausted from dealing with numerous students and staff?

Or is it a side-effect of getting older? Or is it just a side effect of being single?

I get out and about during the week, if you can call going to the gym a couple of times getting out and about. Plus I will go to Bikram once, or maybe even twice, this weekend but other than that I’m content to stay at home on the couch and read.

I went out twice last weekend. So if I average it out that means I go out once a week, or once a weekend. That’s fine, surely? I didn’t even go to the pub after work tonight, instead I went to the hairdressers. So now I look good I should really go out . . .except I’d rather stay at home and eat chocolate (this is a new thing, what’s that all about?!) and drink wine. (But not to excess or anything.)

Is there something about being an introvert that’s inherently undesirable? I went away recently with a friend, who’s not really a friend anymore. She discovered I’m much more of an introvert than she thought I was. When I was happy to do a bushwalk then sit on the beach in the sun for a while, she had to potter around and keep exploring. When I didn’t want constant noise and tv in the evening, she wanted something on, anything on. When I was happy not to constantly chat- she needed constant chatter.

Needless to say, she was unhappy with my “behaviour.” That’s not my behaviour, I said, that’s who I am. I’m much more of an introvert than people realize. I spark up in company and social events but I don’t have a constant need for company. 

So, guess I will stay in. Bloggging is perfect for us introverts, isn’t it?

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