Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On becoming a lush

I think the new job is turning me into an alcoholic. Thursday I finished early, and for the first time this week actually managed to leave when I finished. It was quite a novelty not to eat lunch in my office while I frantically finished emails, or while students visited me, or while at another meeting.

In fact, I got to have lunch with a friend. The temptation to have a drink with lunch was very strong, so I succumbed. For those who don’t know me I rarely have a drink at lunchtime because after one drink, bingo, I’m drunk. So I surprised myself by having another drink after the first. That’s two drinks, in a row. It must be the job.

Friday there is the traditional After School Drinks; I had what is rapidly becoming my standard: two drinks. I was, again, slightly drunk. Friday Night Drinks doesn’t last very long (fortunately or maybe I’d have had more) because by about 6pm everyone has upped stumps and gone home to their family. If you have no family to go home to you go home anyway and say hi to your dog so as not to appear a sad, single, drunk woman.

When I got home I wrote a posting about how busy I’ve been at work. Then read it. Then deleted it because it was so boring. Then I wrote a posting about the M.O.S.- Man OverSeas, and posted it. The next day I had a look at my blog and realized it replicates a posting I’d already written, so I deleted it. Maybe if I hadn’t had those drinks I would’ve known that?

Anyway, Saturday I had lunch with friends and two glasses of wine again. It’s becoming a habit! I can only think it’s the job driving me to drink. Fortunately I’m in no real danger of becoming a lush as I had no desire whatsoever to have another drink that night. But, that’s three days in a row that I’ve had two drinks . . . by this stage I’ve probably balanced out the three days in the row that I went to the gym I guess.

Ah well.


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