Thursday, 29 September 2011

Don't try this at home

Question: how can one feel hung over and yet be completely sober?
Answer: when one has insomnia for several hours, yet gets up and goes to Bikram, without breakfast. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

My plans for Bikram were thwarted yesterday, lunch with friends that I was too lazy too move from. It's a mystery why I was too lazy to move because the three young children present were making a hell of a racket; there was frequent screaming, motorized toys, and crying for Mum resulting in people at the table talking louder and louder. It was quite a relief to come home to my dog: no yelling, no bouncing balls off walls or furniture, no running the motorized toy car thingy (I'm not down with toy names) into your sister, no need to carry on the conversation at drill-decibel levels. Phew. I have no regret having a dog, not a child. 

Nevertheless, despite this distractions I didn't leave. I'll blame it on inertia.

So today I determined to be more energetic. Being on school holidays, I have resolved to go to Bikram three times a week, not very successfully.

Anyway, so I woke in the night thinking about the MOS (I know, it's completely pathetic) and a friend who was at lunch. I replayed our conversation over and over in my head trying to examine if she was in a bit of a snitch with me. To my mind her demeanor towards me had been a little cool. I think I've been over-analysing, but still, how do you stop yourself doing that? Especially at 3 in the morning. 

Hence, the insomnia. Speaking to myself sternly, "Quit it, Stella!" had no effect. At some point I fell asleep and woke an hour before Bikram began. This is not enough time to eat. If you are exercising in 40 degree heat for 90 minutes, you don't want any food in your stomach for at least two hours before commencing the class. So I guzzled a couple of litres of water and was on my way.

Once at Bikram I did my very best fountain impersonation. There was sweat in my eyes, my crop top and shorts were completely soaked, and I sported the reddest face I have ever seen. In tree pose with my hands in prayer I created little streams running down my arms and dripping off my elbows. (Very nice.) About 45 minutes into class the nausea began. I was fairly confident I wouldn't throw up because there was nothing in my stomach. However getting up off the floor at the end of the class was challenging; I was the last person to leave. The shower afterwards mainly involved propping myself up against the wall and breathing deeply. 

I stumbled across to the shopping centre and got some miso soup - the thought of any other food made me even more nauseous. Eventually I was able to drive home where I drank several more litres of water, and was finally able to eat. The nausea has subsided but I still have a mean headache and feel like I've polished off a bottle or two of wine. No fun at all. 

I live and learn: no Bikram after insomnia. None.



  1. I second that "live and learn" lesson. Insomnia can really mess things up sometimes. Eat more (not in general, but today, despite the nausea and headache). Something with protein and starch. Even just crackers and some nut butter. Then sleep. - I say this from experience.

    Have I ever suggested Benadryl? Not sure if you have that. It's an antihistamine that makes some people drowsy. It sometimes helps a little with insomnia as a cheap sleeping aid.

    Hope you feel better asap.

  2. Hi Stella, Bikram sounds challenging. I find yoga relaxing but can't imagine it in 40C heat. Had a couple of nights with no sleep. Only thing for it was strong coffee -perpetuating the cycle I know- and strong painkillers before facing class.

  3. NQ- well I survived. Must ban myself from Bikram when insomnia is around. I think I have some Benadryl. I actually got up and jumped on line instead, felt very sleep, went back to bed and then BANG wide awake again. I need Benadryl for the brain.
    Much better today thanks.

    Hocam- Bikram is definitely challenging. Bad girl having the coffee! I need to find another yoga class I can go to that's more traditional. A friend has recommended one but it's a long drive. Will have to check it out. Keep up your yoga, it's such good thing!

  4. If I can't get back to sleep in an hour, I get up and do other stuff. Usually I'm back in bed a couple of hours later. If it's really bad and I MUST sleep and can't (like when I have to be up early the next day.) then I try benadryl - and every other relaxation trick people try to get to sleep. FWIW, I've found that chlidren's liquid benadryl works better for me than the pill form re the drowsiness effect. YMMV

  5. NQ- will remember that, liquid Benadryl. Um, what's YMMV?

  6. FYI, it's about 4:30 am here. Been up for two hours with insomnia ;) Mine's hormonal though. I know the days it's likely to strike. Makes it easier to muddle through when I know the cause and duration. If I ever had insomnia on a day that didn't fit the pattern I'd be more concerned.

    May be time to watch a dvd... ;)

  7. Cool. Ah, will try and conjure up situational blogging conversation to use that now! Hope you got back to sleep. Good use of your time, coming and commenting! Keep up the good work!
    (Must stop using exclamation marks!)

  8. Lol!

    At close to 6am I had to decide whether to be productive and do laundry, knowing that once I did that I'd be up and out for the day (groggy and headachy!) or go back to sleep and hope for the best. I chose the latter and slept 'till 10. I have a lot of things to do today and maybe now they'll actually get done, as soon as I get myself going.