Thursday, 24 November 2011

Big bums

Last night I was flicking through the TV channels, on my way to Hawaii 5-0 as it happens, when I stopped on some weird documentary type thing with a woman trying to explore her slight case of body dsymorphia.  I believe her major problem was that she weighed herself everyday and just wasn't happy about how she looked. For the record this was quite an attractive woman- slim, but apparently that's the problem, she obsesses about it, lovely skin, and a lovely face too. Reminded me a bit of Michelle Pfeiffer. 

Anyway, she met various people who were comfortable in their own skin: a naturalist (formerly known as nudists), a larger lady who was embracing her size, and a body builder type woman. They were all interesting, although being a naturalist in English with their shite weather doesn't appeal.

When I tuned in though she was accompanying a young lass who thought she suffered from a too small bum. Not enough oomph as it were. And this girl was visiting a plastic surgeon for some sort of bum lift.

I kid you not. 

To me her bum looked perfectly normal; in fact, she had a lovely figure. How did I know this? When at the doctor's surgery he needed to take a look at her bum. So she drops her jeans, in front of the camera, to reveal a lovely bum wearing a g-string. 

Now you may think all of this was weird but let me tell you it just got weirder.

Then the surgeon proceeded to put his hands on her bum, and explain how he was going to take "this fat packet" on her thigh (really, there was NO fat packet) and put it on her bum giving her a bigger and more uplifted bum.

It was just sort of distressing to see him touching her bum and explaining all this. I was, however, completely captivated and never did make over to Steve.


  1. I don't get it. I've seen and heard similar, with men too, and the whole thing has no appeal to me. I'd feel awkward if I was dating someone who'd had that done. I'd constantly be thinking about what kind of person they were and their issues. And not just for a bum enhancement but for most plastic surgery recipients.

  2. I'm with Noisy Quiet.

    However, Kylie did look quite amazing, albeit a tad plastic, on X-factor (Australian version) the other night.

    Personally, I wouldn't go there. Still finding my lines can be minimised with a bit of Poly-filler/foundation. Learning to love my burgeoning jowls and turkey-neck. Not that bad yet, but it will happen. Just got to look at my mum, who looked pretty much like I do now, 25 years ago!



  3. NQ- I know. I was completely bemused. So much so that I never got as far as Steve.
    Fraudy- It's a bit scarey, isn't it? Such a risk. Coming to terms with your age and your looks... .something I haven't managed to do successfully. Do we ever?