Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saved by the phone

“Can’t find it with or without a map,” she thought peering at the sleeping man by her side. “Conscience. Clearly he’s got none,” she continued muttering to herself as she slid slowly out of the bed, one leg at a time.

Bending down to locate the rest of her clothes scattered on the floor, she snagged her jeans, blouse and bra and hurriedly put them on, pausing as his snores fell silent for an instant. When the soft whistle of his breath continued she groped around for her heels and her hand touched his mobile. Unfortunately it hadn’t broken when she’d dropped it like a hot potato after reading the text.

“Stupid, stupid woman,” she berated herself, slipping the phone into her pocket.

With all their energetic make-up sex it’d obviously fallen out of his trousers as he discarded them, before slowly undressing her. Plying her with wine and contrition all the while, “Really honey, it was just lunch.” Kissing her neck slowly. “It was a mistake, a little kiss, that’s all,” unbuttoning her blouse. Crooning, “It’ll never happen again.” Fluttering kisses down towards her jeans as he unbuttoned them and slid them off.

And then she grabbed him and kissed him, if only to shut him up. Yeah she wanted to believe him, again. Yeah, she knew it wasn’t just lunch. Who texts a friend after midnight? If he hadn’t been so intent on making it up to her he would’ve remembered to turn his phone off.

But he didn’t. So she’d heard its not-quite-silent hum as it lay vibrating on the floor. “Sort of like me,” she smiled wryly, as she crossed to the bathroom and threw it in the toilet. Lid down, she flushed.

“Ha. Gone. Like this relationship,” she thought as she grabbed her bag and keys and stalked out the door.

You guessed it- another response to Bekindrewrite's Inspiration Monday. The prompt this week: Can't find it with a map. BTW, enjoyed writing the sex scene. . had to pull myself back. Maybe there's a novel in me after all. Wonder if Mills and Boons should be worried?


  1. I enjoyed your story, Stella. I say go for the novel. Wish I could. I'm insufficiently talented. Not good at building tension. Just blab it all.


  2. Hey Fraudy,
    After I read "Bridget Jones Diary" I did sit down and write the first 45,000 words for my own version: What's a Nice Girl Like Me Doing in a Place Like This. "Nice Girl" for short. .. . but got bored with it.
    Now not sure if there's a novel in me. . Stella x

  3. Argh! Sorry I missed it! Not sure what happened there, but I've updated my post with the link.

    Glad you pulled back; I might've had to read it with one eye shut. ; )

    Nice peice - good flow, and the flashback is seamless. I wonder if the phone will clog up the toilet and flood his apartment? Bwahahaha...

  4. Follow the path of the phone, see if it is what you gets picked off the floor, thrown back on the floor, put into pocket, thrown into a toilet. Not sure it would go into a pocket for the two or three steps it would take to get to the bathroom. I thought she was taking it for a history lesson when it went into her pocket.

    Enjoyed her tough character! Robin

  5. robinhawke- yeah, I knew when she put it in her pocket that was wrong. . couldn't help myself though.
    bekind- thanks for coming back and linking.