Friday, 25 November 2011

Year 8 English- awesome

I went into work today as a CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) because they needed several, and me.

One of the classes I had was my Year 8 English class, but I had them for Humanities. They worked well all lesson. Then towards the end of the lesson they started to come up to show me their poems. Their anthology of poems is due on Monday. They're mainly done but still writing. 

They've been working on them at home. I believe some of them also started working on them during this class. I know it's bad, they're meant to have been doing Humanities, but how can I not be even a little bit gleeful that I have somehow - I know I'm not the greatest teacher around- inspired in them an enthusiasm (and I hope) a love for poetry. 

It's so great- they're showing me sonnets and quatrains and ballads. And they're good. Very good! I get quite a thrill when I read them.



  1. Great effort - especially at this time of year. Life for the replacement teacher at end of year is generally fraught. So glad to hear of an exception to the rule.

  2. NQ- I know, has been lovely.
    Fraudy, I know, tres happy! Was a good day too for the rest of the day, apart from having to watch a video on Sexually Transmitted Infections and the case for safe sex. . . and stop and discuss with Year 9s. ;-)