Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stupid things I have done lately . . .

Thought it would do my self-esteem some good to make a list of dumb-ass things I have done. . . in the last week.

  • Got lost driving into town
  • Went to see a clairvoyant (this should really top the list)
  • Went to see Breaking Dawn (the acting has finally improved- infinitesimally.  BTW that's really hard to spell)
  • Attempted to unclog sink in en suite (Sink is now unblocked but can't put pipes back together)
  • Told kids to move when blocking the corridors (Sorry to be pedantic, if you’ve already read that scintillating post)
  • Decided to stop on-line dating (Maybe that’s not dumb, maybe it’s smart)
  • Made corn chowder (I have lots and lots left and it's really, really average)

Nope, funnily enough it is not helping my self-esteem. Maybe tomorrow when I laugh at all these stupid things . . .


  1. Perhaps you could fix up the chowder by frying up some bacon and sprinkling it in? We have done this, and it is delicious. And now I am hungry...

  2. Thanks Mumma- Yeah, I'm sure the bacon would make it taste yummy but it'd clash with my vegequarian tendencies. I'm mainly vegequarian (I'll still eat fish) because I'm not too impressed with how we farm, transport etc a lot of the animals we eat. I especially try to stay away from pork, bacon etc, what I know about pig farming is pretty bad.