Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dear Jane

I will never send this letter but I’m writing it anyway. First to figure out how I feel, and . . . I don’t know, to try and figure out how you feel, I guess.

So . . . what happened?

And, how do I feel? I feel sad and lonely; you’re pushing me away. I don’t understand why.

I used to be your hero; I used to be the one you ran to when things went wrong. The one you rang, text, or emailed when you were having a bad day. When someone slighted you, or the presentation at work didn’t quite come off, when the job interview (before you got the job that I knew you would) didn’t go well and you knew you were never going to work again it was me you turned too.

You used to be pleased to see me at your door. Now you don’t want me to come around anymore. And when I ask if anything’s wrong, you shrug me off. We used to love exploring new restaurants, and now you’re ‘too tired.’

What happened to our plans to move in together? There are still half a dozen of your things hanging in my closet but you never spend the night now; there’s always brunch with the girls the next day.

I miss you; the cat misses you.

Yes, having committed it to paper it is obvious the writing is on the wall but why did you have to kill the hero?

 This was another inspiration/prompt writing response. This time courtesy of Inspiration Monday at  BekindReWrite. There's a selection of five prompts; the one I used was "kill the hero". I haven't abandoned Velvet Verbosity's writing challenge, I just have difficulty finding the latest prompt.


  1. You're very good at these things you know.

    Maybe next year you should try NaNoWriMo :)

  2. This did feel like a NaNoWriMo the last question. Robin

  3. Feels real! I love the details, like about the cat and the job interview.

    Welcome to InMon!

  4. NQ- thanks. Now I'm tempted. . .can I do NaNoWriMo in any other month? Dear Jane could be the first page. . .

    robinhawke- howdy! Glad you liked it, didn't want it to sound forced but I just had to use it.

    bekindrewrite- thanks, muchos thanks.

  5. I don't know if NaNoWriMo has year round challenges. You certainly could do it any time just for *yourself* :)

    They have forums at their site. In your copious free time (ha!) swing by and see wassup there. I've never done it. No aspirations to write a novel.