Monday, 7 November 2011

Erasing the frown lines between my eyes - or trying too

I think it began this morning when, though rushed for time, I made a huge effort and ironed the trousers I was going to wear; that turned out to be a wasted effort because when I put them on they were snug. Did I put on weight at some point that I didn't notice? Or maybe it's "muscle"- does anyone else tell themselves that?

Then I went to work, which wasn't all that fantastic. I wish they would stop saving our curriculum in new places. I cannot for the life of me find the assessment documentation for my Year 7s or 8s. Why is it necessary to change it every freakin' year? It's meant to be in something called "Atlas" which I opened but couldn't open the curriculum part, also meant to be in some shared drive somewhere. Once upon a time we saved it in the G drive, then under Learning Areas, then S drive, at some point in the W drive . . .  now I don't know. And because I was teaching all day, plus had a lunchtime Yard Duty I didn't get a chance to ask anyone else. Then noisy final year students hung around in the corridor outside the silent student area. They are meant to be studying for their final exams . . . just talking loudly instead. Probably not exclusively to annoy me but it felt like it.

Left mobile phone at home- annoying.

Student I'm meant to tutor after school didn't turn up, or turned up within 30 seconds of the bell ringing and didn't bother hanging around for me. And I've finished the book we're meant to be working on- wonder if she did?

Muso man who am trying to set up a date with has now "got something on" on the day we were tentatively  trying for; I think I'm suffering from some sort of rebound effect from the MOS and just cannot be arsed giving a man the benefit of the doubt now. But, of course, I am so we have another tentative date. If he changes it again I'm walking away though.

Oh, plus his email this morning was scornful of my suggested meeting place: not even halfway between our places, but much closer to his. He is another inner city bloke like the MOS; right now he isn't impressing me with his apparent suburb snobbery. 

Deep breath, deep breath.


  1. You know me... I say go with your gut! I think a 2nd chance is ok. Things come up. But overall, I say trust your instincts (rather than going the "must have 3 dates" route! ;) )

    Oh and re the pants, I vote for water retention.

  2. NQ, yeah will do. He actually emailed today and apologised for his suburb snobbery comment, so that's nice. We do have a tentative date booked for later this week. So something to blog about other than school at any rate.