Monday, 14 November 2011

Why I hate To Do lists. . .

This morning my To Do list looked like this:

  1. Get up
  2. Shower
  3. Dress
  4. Feed dog
  5. Feed self
  6. Go to work/school
  7. Go to gym after work
  8. Blog
  9. Read other people's blogs
  10. Eat dinner
  11. Finish marking

I did the first eight things but just can't bring myself to add anything more to my day. I want to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory and eat the Corn Chowder I made yesterday- no matter how average it is. I don't want to do anymore marking and I don't want to add jobs I got given today to the list.

And having things unticked on my list only makes me anxious because I haven't managed to do everything on the list. (Have I mentioned I might be highly strung? If I was a racehorse they'd shoot me.)

My Long Term list includes:

  • Meet man
  • Go overseas
  • Fix back porch
  • Buy new tyres for the car
  • Fix that assessment rubric for school
  • Maintain a more positive attitude
  • Stop frowning (See previous)
  • Start dancing again
  • Revise all the French I learnt last year
  • Find a new place to go to yoga
  • Drive to all the cool places I want to go to, eg yoga, dancing etc but am completely put off because it'll take an hour or so.
So, in the attempt to do the very first thing on my Long Term list,  I have been doing on-line dating. . .as you know this is so completely demoralizing that doing 1-4 on the original list often becomes hard enough, let alone completing the list or attempting anything on the Long Term list. 



  1. Several thoughts...

    1) This is not a list. It's just a numbered response.

    2) You get Big Bang Theory? I always picture other countries getting shows 10 years after they end here!

    3) Corn chowder sounds good :)

    4) I'm glad you're not a racehorse.

  2. Perhaps don't make any more lists? Just a suggestion. Never works for me!

    Hope it all works out.

    I'm told Big Bang Theory is good, but I don't get it. (But then again, I watch X-factor so what would I know?)


  3. NQ- ha ha. Yes, I quite see that is not a list but a numbered response.
    BBT- very clever writers. Oh, and Modern Family, love them both.
    Corn chowder- just so so. . . a TimTam chaser works though in increasing the quality of the meal.
    Fraudy- Yeah, think I'm too anxious to make lists. Well, BBT- I like it but you're not obliged to watch it you know. . . just saying. . not being cheeky or anything. . . ;-)