Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Spin instructor vs Ripley

While my inertia of late has been getting the better of me, my lack of enthusiasm does not deter me from admiring it in others: my Spin instructor, for example.

I haven’t been breaking any records getting to the gym lately, once a week has been the norm for at least two weeks.  However, an afternoon sitting on the couch reading with repeated trips to the kitchen to break off just one more piece of baguette, slather it with butter, and then cheese had me if not enthusiastic then at least determined to pay for my sins at the gym tonight.

I was pretty impressed with myself as I even did some weights before the Spin class. There was a new instructor; her enthusiasm was even more impressive. She would yell at us in time with the music, loudly.

“Out of the saddle! Run! This is what you came for!” she’d command. When she says “run” she actually means peddle as hard as you can, but that just wouldn’t have the same ring.

And it seemed to work, all that yelling, kind of like being in the army I imagine. (Note to self- never, ever join the army.) She was a like a Spin version of Ripley in my all time favourite movie Aliens   “Come on!” she bellowed. “Faster.”

We obeyed too.  

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  1. Maybe you were subconsciously peddling faster to get away from her ;)