Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Self control

Ah yes, it's about skool again. . . and here you were thinking this post is all about the self control needed in not finishing an entire pack of TimTams in one sitting . . . or the self control required in not having a bloke . . .but that'd be too racy for my blog.

So, school . . . .well I was walking to my classroom this morning laden down with bag and laptop only to encounter several students (I mean lots and lots) sitting in the corridors blocking the way. Now we have around 1000 students so the corridors aren't really big enough, at least when the bell rings and they all try to go places. This was before the bell rang so everyone was just hanging out, I guess.

Knowing the kind of response I'd get - i.e. just being ignored - I took a deep breath and ignored the students myself. Until I got to an area where they were definitely blocking the corridor for other students. Thinking I should say something I pointed out that it was stupid place to sit as they were blocking the area.

Blank faces turned to look at me - although when I say "blank" I really mean teenage faces covered with far too much orange make-up, eye liner and nose piercings - turned to look at me. I kept moving as I could see no good was going to come of this. 

Then I thought better of it and told them to move, to go outside. They argued with me. It's OK for them to sit there because they sit there "every single day" and no one ever tells them to move. Gracious, I can't think what I was thinking. . .

Naturally this got my dander up. I disappeared into the library to get a piece of paper to write down their names but by the time I had returned they'd evaporated. Great.

So then I was just left feeling annoyed with myself for getting so annoyed by them. Why did this annoy me so?

I finally realized I don't like being ignored and/or students being so rude to me especially when I feel my request is reasonable and for the greater good.

What an idiot! Fancy becoming a teacher!

What I really need to figure out is how to:
a/ ignore misbehaving students
b/ pick my battles
c/ not to lose my temper

Will I ever learn?


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  2. Or you could do d/ - Start carrying around a pad of paper ;)

  3. I walk around the long way to avoid such battles. Even in the rain. That's what the brolly is for! However, I spent a lunch time yard duty today ordering kids to pick up their rubbish, with their obligatory back chat.

    It's been easier for me to keep my cool since I went part-time. Don't think I'd pick teaching as a career if I was choosing now. Got a bit more respect back in the '80s. Not much though.

  4. WInda- thank you. Will come and visit.
    NQ and Fraudy- yeah, piece of paper or walk around the long way. . . I'm with Fraudy on this one.
    Actually despite that it was one of those days when I love teaching. . .was going to blog about that but will do it next time. Got side tracked by my really good (not) sense of direction and blogged about that instead.