Saturday, 12 November 2011

People who know me better than I know myself. . .

The other day I had a fun time exploring new activities: first I went rowing in the morning, then in the afternoon I went sailing.

I enjoyed the rowing so much that I’m going to sign up for lessons. The sailing was also fun but I thought we’d learn to sail on little tiny boats- not so. We were guests on other people’s boats; the yacht club was having an Open Day and we were treated to boat rides.

View of Melbourne from the water
 The one thing that marred the day was the gentleman who decided I looked lonely and made a beeline towards me. He chatted and monopolized my attention when I really didn’t want it to be monopolized. I solved this problem by putting my hand up to go on one of the slower, smaller boats. This was less attractive to most of the men who wanted a larger, faster boat, and the smaller boat was then full. Despite the fact there was little wind it was still an enjoyable experience; our hosts were charming and easy going people. 

St Kilda Yacht Club moorings

Now I know I’ll come off sounding like a bit of a bitch complaining about this man’s unwanted attention but I’m not going to change now. At the end of the day the aforementioned man joined us again in the clubhouse for a drink. Finally I decided it was time for me to go home. It had been a long day: rowing, lunching, sailing, socializing, 8 hours later I had enough and needed to leave. I announced my intentions and tried to say ‘bye to everyone. The man who wanted to monopolise me tried to argue me out of my need to go.

I had to resort too: “I’m teaching tomorrow and need to do a bit of preparation, I’m not sure what I am teaching them.”

“Words.” he said, because that’s what English teachers do, apparently.

He continued to argue with me and try to convince me that wasn’t a good excuse to leave.

I ended up walking away a little irritated; why does he think he knows better than me what is right for me? Surely, I ponder, it’s up to me when I leave? Why do I have to come up with “valid” excuses for someone I have only just met? Yes, it is always flattering (I guess) when someone shows interest in you but I don’t need someone else to make up my mind for me. 

I know my mind- thank you very much.


  1. I think it's strange that we feel obligated to give a reason, yet Ido it all the time. 'I have to,because...' Because I want to should be reason enough!

  2. Kelly,
    Exactly! That's what really annoyed me, why do I have to give someone else a reason to leave. Like you I do it all the time too. . . .I've got to go now because. . . I must think of a good line when leaving things. . . HOw about "people to see, things to do. . . ." wonder if that'd work.

    I remember an awkward date when we'd had lunch but then I wanted to leave things at that. He asked if I wanted to see a movie after lunch, I didn't, then he asked what my plans were for the afternoon. Then I realized I needed to make up some plans.

  3. How annoying. Good going with the small boat!

    I get annoyed by having to come up with reasons for things too. Aggravates me. And having someone keep bugging you when you want to be alone - Ugh!