Saturday, 19 November 2011

US sends its men (and women I s'pose) here

A stupid poll from yahoo!7news:

Today's Poll

Q. Are you comfortable with an increased US military presence in Australia?

Before I answer I'd like some more info. Eg, are they still. . .oversexed, overpaid and over here? Just because I've given up on-line dating I can see no reason why I couldn't get very comfortable with an influx of US marines. . . or even just one. . .

Stella x


  1. I didn't even know there *was* a US presence in Australia. Is there an Australian presence in the US? You know... besides Crocodile Dundee? ;) (ok just showed my age again! ;) )

  2. LOL. You'll have to go to NT for a bit of action!

  3. NQ- you're missing the point! The important part is that they're here! Or will be! I doubt if there's an Aussie presence in the US but don't really know.
    You almost had my Aussie presence there years (decades) ago when I got involved with a US bloke that I met in Inverlarken - prob not how you spell it.
    Fraudster- You know I would!

  4. I understand, but why should your country get all the guys? I think there should be an even exchange!

    Inverlarken... Could be a place. There's also an Interlocken. Never been to either. Wonder what you would have blogged about then ;)

  5. NQ- hm, now I think of it it might have been Interlarken. . .in Switzerland. . . def not Interlocken.
    And, our country should get all the guys as I am the most desperate person I know. Desperate. Under "desperate" in the dictionary there's a picture of . . . well, you get the picture.
    ALthough if you want an exchange how about I send you the blokes who actually contact me on-line. I reckon that'd be a good deal. (Not)

  6. Well since they're overseas anyway... :D

    (Actually no thanks!)