Friday, 18 November 2011

'Breaking Dawn'- self inflicted, I know

Why the attraction? Even the books weren’t that interesting, I didn’t exactly find them gripping. So I wonder why they became a big hit? I also wonder why Harry Potter became a big hit.

Wonder what the next big hit will be. We’ve had wizards and vampires . . . next? Witches? Zombies? A religious order perhaps since we’re becoming so pious. Think about it, HP was fairly pious too.

Speaking of piety . . . according to Stephanie Meyer: no sex before marriage - she sewed that one up neatly because it’d be “dangerous” what with Edward being a vampire and Bella being a human. So they get married; she's 18, he's centuries old.

All throughout the book Bella’s heroine harked back to some earlier time; she could barely do anything for herself. She was protected at all the times by Edward or Jacob- she constantly looked helpless (And sulky.) She rarely even drove her own truck- one of the boys did it. Very Victorian.

Although the novels of that era, and novelists, still managed to let their female characters do some thinking. The Bronte sisters, William Makepeace Thackeray- they all managed to stay within the constrains of their society but work within their boundaries to be women with spunk and independence.

Yay, Stephanie. Let’s kill of any kind of independent woman who can think for herself.

Begs the question why I read the books, actually speed read them, and then went to see the movies. Perhaps I was motivated by curiosity? I think it was really an anthropological expedition for me- seeing how popular culture lives. Almost like a  train wreck when you can’t look away- the make up for the vampires is truly awful. 

Just sayin'. . . y'all. . . . 


  1. Totally agree! I could barely get through the first book... but then couldn't resist renting the first movie (which I actually didn't get through), and then was talked into going to see the second movie... IN THE THEATER (that was a disturbing experience). It's inescapable!

    Bella is a terrible excuse for a female character. Hopefully the next trend will be spunky witches.

  2. On the positive side, you can convincingly say that you didn't like the books or the movies. :)

  3. Didn't read or view.

    And I've wondered about Harry Potter too. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one! Having said that, I DO like the films, which are what got me to eventually read the books - 5 years later. I like the stories, I like the worlds - I really do! But I'm not a big fan of the writing itself. Which might be why I liked the films... Still haven't seen the last two. I will eventually. Read the last book though, so I know, more or less, what happens. - And have issues with it! ;)

  4. Loved Harry Potter! Wish I could get a teaching job at Hogwarts. Wish I had magical powers. Blame it on my early childhood devouring Enid Blyton from age 4. Have a tendency to believe in things. Took me til 37 to get the Christianity monkey - or devil?? - off my back.

    Feverishly read the Twilight trilogy, whilst simultaneously mindful that it was pulpy.

    The films are never as good as the books, of course. Some of the broody Harry Potter stuff from HP 3 was very good.

    Have you read Philip Pulman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy? Or Garth Nix's 'The Old Kingdom' trilogy? Both excellent IMHO - as if! Highly recommend. Books to read feverishly without thinking one is reading crap.


  5. Fraudy- really? Twilight? I sped read it and skipped some bits when it got too boring. I did enjoy it I guess but I wasn't gripped. (Then again I'm sure when i had to read "Tess" for lit I sped read some of that description that went on for pages. . ..yes, I get it! The land is barren and dry and things aren't looking good for Tess either. . . )

    Will investigate Pulman- didn't he do some YA fiction about the Northern Lights? I read that one, wasn't captivated. Will request both from library. I cut my sci fi teeth on Andre Norton. . . and Asimov. . . will admit to reading "Magic Faraway Tree" too!

  6. NQ- well, at least you stuck with HP and got some enjoyment from it. Can't say I ever was captivated. But Lord of the Rings- egad! What an awesome trilogy of films that was. . .yes, I also read the books but I'm sure I was far too young and that's why they took me so long. The films were so much better.
    Terra- hey! Long time no see. Actually, no despite sounding like I absolutely loath Twilight it still has some strange attraction for me. . .
    Amy- I knew we'd be on the same page here! Maybe you and I can write the next best seller together. We can do alternate chapters and I reckon we tap into the teen market again as they are so easily pleased.

  7. Pulman wrote Northern Lights - first book in the trilogy. I was immediately hooked. But I like that sort of thing.